DCE Dryer

DCE drying-cooling equipment with in-built milling was developed specifically for by-products applications such as:

•    fish (filleting) by-products meal,
•    poultry by-products meal,
•    feather meal,
•    DDGS.

At the same time, DCE application is universal and applicable to all viscous materials with <70% moisture content and <8% fat content in the end product, including de-fatted insect meal.

Drying is of crucial importance to any process that transforms a by-product into a feed ingredient as it ultimately determines the quality of the end product. Drying that overheats or burns the product causes denaturation, equivalent to the loss of nutritional and consequently also economic value.

DCE excludes product denaturation, which means that its nutritional properties remain at the same level before and after drying. The product is retained in the drying chamber for the duration of 1 second, with up to 400℃ air temperature. Then cooling to ambient temperature takes place in the cooling cyclones, after which the product is ready to be packed, stored and transported.

Moisture level can be set at any level up to 10%, with 0,5% precision. Continuous moisture metre at the point of exit of the dry product allows real time monitoring and control. In-built milling in the drying chamber allows obtaining uniform particle size of the end product with a consistency and appearance of a meal.

DCE capacity ranges from 500 to 5000 litres of evaporated moisture per hour. The weight of DCE500 is 2 tonnes, and it requires no foundations. Launch and stop time are under 5 minutes each, and the whole process lasts about 5 seconds.

For operation, DCE requires electricity and natural gas for the air heater, which can be replaced with LNG or electricity. It is almost entirely self-cleaning, simple to operate and easy to maintain.

Depending on the characteristics of the product that is dried, a specially developed plasma catalyst gas converter can be provided for converting DCE process exhaust air into clean air.

Small DCE dryer system for experimental undertakings

We uniquely offer small autonomous DCE dryer systems for experimental undertakings seeking to develop new alternative sources of protein for feed. Such system’s evaporative capacity is 20-60 litres of moisture per hour. It requires no installation, operates on electricity only, and is ready for use immediately upon delivery.



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