DCE Dryer

Drying-Cooling Equipment with in-built milling, DCE, optimizes the process of drying as it excludes product denaturation, meaning that the product maintains exact same nutritional value after drying as before.

DCE dryer combines drying, milling, cooling and packing into one single equipment and one continuous process flow. The product remains in the drying chamber for the duration of 1 second only and the whole process from input into the dosing feeder to output into a big bag lasts under 30 seconds.

End product is cooled down to ambient temperature. DCE launch time is 30 seconds only so it can be efficiently operated on demand.  Moisture level is monitored continuously and can be set at any desired level  below 10% and controlled at all times. This brings about consistently and predictably stable moisture content of the end product, with no variations.
For its operation DCE requires gas and electric power. DCE dryer does not produce any steam, any visual steam blow-off, any odour of burning, and any condensate.

DCE dryer is self-cleaning and its maintenance is simple. Capacity in terms of litres of moisture evaporated per hour range from 200 l /h to 5000 l /h.

DCE application is universal for all food and feed production by-products with level of moisture <70%, from fish and animal production by-products to spent grain, distillery stillage, and even fertilizer. It can be easily integrated into any processing line where the purpose is to optimize the drying process and improve the dried end product quality. DCE end product is homogenous flour.


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